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Autonomous Labour and Harvest Management System

Over 70% of labour and harvest tracking data recording is still manually done today, either using pen and paper and/or manual spread sheets. This process is considered inefficient and leaves room for error.

Enter a new era of digitising agriculture for labour and harvest tracking, using specialised readers or smart phones. The benefit is the data entry process is now automatic. This improves efficiency and minimises errors. Unfortunately, these systems still require manual data “capture”, they require the operator to manually capture either the bar code or RFID label. Only one static data point is obtained for every manual capture process and the data payload is very small, typically just an ID or serial number.

The Grow Logic solution utilises a special mesh technology radio that automatically captures a wealth of data on a regular basis, thus providing you dynamic data in real time. This includes ID, location, climate, movement, performance as well as providing a basic 2-way communication tool between the picker and support staff. The additional features of larger data payloads and automatic data collection provides a wealth real time analytics.


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