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The world population is expected to grow by over one third. That’s an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050. Therefore the agricultural industry will need to accelerate and produce 70% more food using the same limited resources such as land, water and fertiliser.

Here at Grow Logic, we believe in thinking differently. We call it, “Feeding the future through innovation”. Our purpose is to increase productivity in plants, people and processes to create a sustainable future.

We start by using our core development principles;

Investigating the complete journey – There are many different people involved in the cycle of growing, harvesting, production processing, transportation and reselling. Real benefits are achieved by being solutions-focused throughout the journey.

Proactive thinking – With the aim to prevent or control a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

Converting data into informative insights - Communicating efficiently and effectively is the key. We use dynamic graphical interfaces to communicate in real time. We understand that you don’t want to be tied to a computer when your time is demanded elsewhere.

Automation – The key elements are minimising manual data entry and ease of use, increasing productivity and reducing risk.

Collective collaboration - We work together with our alliance partners to bring you an integrated solution. This eliminates the need for re-inventing the wheel, accelerates development and provides you with a cost effective solution.

We then combine 3 key elements into the core of the solution.

  • Communication - We use software to communicate directly with you so you know what is happening around your farm, from past to present and into the future.
  • Tools – We provide smart hardware, not only to pull data from the paddock to the office, but also push information from the office back into the paddock where it can be used in real time.
  • Knowledge – We use science to support our Tech-Agronomy focused tools to increase plant productivity, reduce pest and disease incidence and forecast yields and harvest dates. We use data science to provide machine learning and predictive analytics to generate new sets of data, providing valuable insights into your operation.

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